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Die Kosten für den Bau einer Holzsauna

Sauna means a hot air bath made of wood, containing both hot and dry air. This answer to the question of what is a wooden sauna will be sufficient. Sauna rooms and sauna panels come in a variety of styles. Sauna room models differ according to the usage area and the number of users.

Saunas are divided into three types; personal saunas, family saunas and mixed saunas. Sauna hot air shower rooms are very different from our home showers. The hot air in the sauna keeps the shower rooms constant between 60 and 70 degrees. In this way, the person entering the sauna room is cleaned by sweating within 10 minutes.

Sauna is not as expensive as it seems. Although the cost of wooden sauna is a product of our sauna culture, it is not found in most homes and is seen as a luxury consumption in hotels and spa facilities. However, this is not the case because home saunas have become quite popular. A home sauna is relatively affordable if its square meter isn’t too large. It would be wrong to specify a cost for the sauna because it can now be applied to the smallest spaces at a very low cost. In addition, there are many cost variables such as sauna accessories, sauna stove, sauna material, sauna door, prices of parts that are likely to affect the price of the sauna building.

What is the Difference of Wooden Sauna?

Saunas are usually made of wood. As a result, you are relatively more likely to see a wooden sauna. However, it should be noted that some saunas are made of different materials. Wooden sauna can be sometimes moist, sometimes dry. This situation usually varies according to the person in personal use, the owner of the business in companies and customer demand. This is not the case for other saunas.

What is the Fee for a Wooden Sauna?

Sauna construction costs vary according to the size and style of your home. Is there a sauna for home? We can answer yes to this question without hesitation. Since there is no private area in the smallest 120*190 ready-made saunas, you can take it anywhere you want, and a bath system is also placed inside. Home saunas are built as sitting and sleeping groups and are usually 4 square meters in size. Saunas in places such as hotels and social facilities can be built as 3 floors and their sizes vary between 6 square meters and 30 square meters.

In saunas, trees such as fir, Finnish spruce, Canadian pine that are resistant to moisture and heat, knotless, oven-dried, measuring 5*5 cm or 5*10 cm are used. The reason why these trees are preferred is that they absorb and return the air, are not affected by heat and are easy to clean.

If you have decided to have a sauna, we can say that you are at the right place. As a sauna company, customer satisfaction is our goal; That’s why we aim to keep your satisfaction at the highest level. As Sauna Dekor, we are with you in all your processes related to sauna. You can have the sauna you want meticulously and in a short time without any problems.

What is the Cost of a 2 Person Home Type Wooden Sauna?

The roof, walls and doors are insulated with 5 cm thick glass wool to keep the heat inside. Heaters are preferred according to the size of the area used in 2-person saunas or home saunas, and when choosing a heater, the resistances should be of excellent quality. The heaters you will use at home should have wood veneer and heat-resistant stones. In addition to lighting in saunas, thermometer, hygrometer, hourglass, sauna stone and essence are among the must-haves. Although the cost of sauna construction varies according to the place you want to have it built, you should definitely get a price quote from our company, which joins the bathroom system and makes turnkey, for home type saunas in sizes 120*190 cm, 150*185 cm or 180*180 cm, depending on your preferences.

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